About Dataforge

Dataforge is an fledgling independent, hybrid shell provider/tilde server operated by Wesley Banderia (aka; praetor) of Fort Worth, Texas. While it's core mission is to provide services to retrocomputing enthusiasts, it serves as a home for anyone.

Dataforge is hosted on a fleet of Silicon Graphics machines, its primary tilde host is running on an SGI Challenge S. Dataforge UUCP, however, is running on a Google Cloud VPS for purposes of reliability and fault tolerance.

While being the youngest of the pubnix/tilde projects, its administrator has over 20 years of Systems Engineering experience and has provided services for a variety of organizations including the United States Air Force, Argonne National Labs, Boeing and others during his time of service with Linux Networx/Silicon Graphics. He also served as Chief Technology Officer for a federal contractor servicing the US Nuclear Regulatory Comission and the Department of Energy. As such, Wesley is a previous holder of a DoD "SECRET" clearance and is familiar wtih FIPS and OPSEC security best-practices. He strives to make Dataforge not only fun, but secure for all its users.

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