So we have you convinced and you want to join in the fun!? YAY!! :D
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While praetor has spent a while designing the network adequately, spent weeks testing, and tested all this internally, it is not without it's experimentation (which is good! We want that). While setup is easy, and maintaining a site is virtually adminless. It is not without it's quirks. If you want to be apart of something cool, different, and ripe for on.

  1. Decide if you want to be a Tier 1 system or a leaf node. Reading the Network Topology wiki article can help you choose. Please be aware being a Tier 1 site requires some dedication.

  2. If you wish to be a leaf node, you will need to e-mail a Tier 1 site admin of your choosing, and provide them with a name for your site, location, end-point address, and ssh public key. Please note, you can only be peered to ONE Tier 1 host, however, you may have as many hosts peered with YOU as you wish. Peering with more than one Tier 1 host will result in a slap of the wrist. It's currently is not supported, and we will find out. However, if you have an exotic use case and require that, please petition an admin.

  3. Please be patient for your credentials to be processed. Currently this process is not automated, but eventually will be. You will receive an e-mail with your UUCP credentials as well as the public key of the Tier 1 server, which you will need to put in your UUCP user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

  4. Read the Leaf Node Setup Guide to set up your site. If you've been approved to be a Tier 1 system, you will need to follow the Tier 1 Setup Guide

  5. Enjoy and also join us on in the #UUCP room!