Tier 1

Tier 1 sites are decentralized, mesh connected, top-level hosts. These are primarily run by a committee of shell providers and tilde networks. Tier 1 servers are considered the backbone of the UUCP network. However, if a member organization chooses not to particpate, it doesn't unilaterally affect the tolerance of the network as a whole.

In order to become a Tier 1 site, it must have the following qualifications:

While the UUCP network is for everyone, including those in the retro scene, running a Tier 1 UUCP site from a retro machine is discouraged. However, there are leaf sites running on retro hardware.

While the aim of the UUCP network is to democratize and decentralize it's services, nothing precludes a member from running its Tier 1 site on a cloud based provider, so long as that provider does not receive any monetized benefits for hosting it. Requesting donations from users to maintain services, however, is perfectly fine.

Current charter and commitee members are:

(*) Denotes Charter Member (+) Denotes comittee member