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The UUCP is organized in strata of Tier 1 servers, and leaf nodes. Provided below are descriptions of each of the two types of configurations

Tier 1

  • Are mesh connected between each other
  • Acts as a hub for communication between disparate leaf nodes
  • Are considered the top-level hosts in bang paths (ie; dataforge!)

Leaf Nodes

  • Are peered directly to a Tier 1 host
  • May be Tier 2 hosts for their own networks (ie; peering of peers) and act as secondary names for bangpaths (ie; dataforge!dataforge1)
  • May communicate with other leaf nodes even if not directly connected. Tier 1 hosts route communications by "Any Means Nessasary"

UUCP by virtue is a highly decentralized protocol, and while nothing precludes there from being a limitless number of branches in the topology tree, we discourage more than 4 branches in the network hierarchy. UUCP bangpaths can become rather long and confusing

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Page last modified on February 03, 2019, at 08:58 PM